Our Suppliers

Muscerino Cornici


Woodworking, where high-quality frame boards for frames are obtained, is an ancient art that has arisen in craft workshops since the sixteenth century. This is an art transmitted from father to son as a tradition of our ancient Neapuliton art . The company Muscerino Cornici, which works in accordance with the family model, is a representative of this tradition: that is, here the forty-year experience of the father, the founder of the company, is used. In our workshops, our proficient workers produce both smooth and indented gold frame boards with gold paper in accordance with the criteria of the craftsmen. In addition, smooth and indented-protruding frame boards are also processed by mechanical finishing machines. Then all processing stages are checked one by one. Another strong side of our company is to be able to meet not only the requirements for large volume products, but also the minimum (100m) requirements. So, our structure already has a wide stock of finished and packaged products. Our sample collection, which already includes more than 200 models, is constantly updated and improved. On the product pages, along with others, we also present our new products with oxidized gold paper and scratched gold paper.